3-CD set release

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 nostalgia HMV releases a 3-volume CD set called ‘Nostalgia‘, covering renditions of popular film tunes by Enoch Daniels from the ’60’ through the ’90’s.

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  1. r O O P a H U J A

    Respected Sh.Deniels,I am really unable to find your CDs in different shops throughout Delhi.Even I sent e-mail to Sh.Gautam Sarkar of Sa Re Ga Ma Ltd.but no results.I request you to help me in purchasing your CDs.


  2. Terry A Khan

    Dear Mr Daniels,
    I am from Guyana, South America where your music played during the 60’s when I was a kid growing up.
    The first number I heard of yours was ‘Oh Mere Sonia’ (Asha and Rafi fr Teesri Manzil Shammi, and I still remember the day that I placed eyes on that LP.
    I love your music and listen to your LPs on a ultra high end stereo system almost every other day in my home.
    Your music is to die for and I have large collection of works.
    Your music is my life.
    I do not know how to begin to thank you for these gifts that you have given mankind.
    Every Dev Anand song you played brings tremendous joy and happiness to me.
    Musicians like you only appear once in a life time.
    Thank you for the music Mr Daniels.
    You are a truly great artist right there with RD Burman and Kishore Kumar.

  3. Hormazdyar

    hello, Sir this is my first time that I am writing to you. Since my father was of your time he widely enjoys instrumental music as he was too a musician in his time. After listening to your few works of art I too am on the same path my father was in his hay time. I would be grateful if you would get back with a list of all the works that you have produced over these years so that I can aquire them so that our generation can enjoy them too.

    regards and much awaited reply.

  4. Dear Mr Daniels,

    I found only the 2nd CD in Sri Lanka & enjoyed it very much with family members & friends.

    Would we be able to listen to your beautiful Piano Accordion application of songs in films such as Geeth, other songs of Sungam and Dosthi ?

    Thank you for trying to make people in the world peaceful.

    Wishing you Good Health & Happiness,

    Rohan Piyatilake
    Sri Lanka

  5. Chaya Rahim

    how can i purchase a 3 cd set release

  6. I’m from Guyana, South America. My father had a couple of your albums. He died in 1975. My brother and sisters are trying to find your albums in CD but no luck so far. I absolutely enjoyed and still enjoy your music. Thank you for sharing your musical talent. God Bless.

  7. Pankaj Kotecha

    Dear daniel,
    I have been your fan since the time you came to kenya with talat mahmoood, c.h.atma and van shipley.I was 12 years old and played harmonium.after seeing you on the stage I developed interest in playing the accordion. I Am now 60 and still play the accordion among friends and small gatherings. Since I never bothered to learn the bass buttons, I am now taking weekly music lessons to learn them. Among the old numbers I often play “aai dil mujhe bata de, tu kis pe aa gaya hai” the sound of an accordion drives me crazy and takes me out of this world!! I Have been looking for the latest numbers on piano accordion but unable to find any. Kindly let me know if you have published any albums featuring the latest numbers by sunidhi chouhan etc.
    Yours sincerely,

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